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BSA WD B40 Mk1 1967
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BSA WD B40 Mk1 1967
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BSA WD B40 MK1 1970
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BSA WD B40 MK1 GB 1967
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Ratio Rebuilds

Rupert Ratio

Oil pump exchange available

Rupert (Dave) is offering an oil pump reconditioning/exchange service for BSA Unit Single 2 stud alloy oil pumps.

£30.00,  exchange without oil pump drive gear + P&P
Oil pump drive gear can be supplied and fitted if required

Email for details:

Full Engine Rebuilds

Currently 6 month lead in time due to high levels of demand in collaboration with Rupert Ratio (Dave Smith) can now offer complete engine rebuilds, repairs and other services for all BSA Unit singles.

Rupert Ratio, the author of a series of BSA Unit Singles books, is internationally renowned for his knowledge, expertise, skill and attention to detail. 

When this is combined with either using original parts or those that are tried and tested, you can be assured your BSA unit single engine performs to its optimum often better than the BSA factory could achieve and certainly most of those home
mechanics of years gone by.

The cost of a full engine rebuild is based around the two following fixed labour costs:
£100 - engine strip down, assessment and full written condition report with recommendations.
£270 - Clean and rebuild
The cost of parts and other work is dependant on the condition report and any recommendations made and customer requirements

We are committed to using the best parts available - where possible genuine parts will be used

If a full rebuild isn't required, please do not hesitate to make contact and we will be happy to give you a quote

To discuss your requirements, please email on in the first instance with the subject heading "Ratio Rebuilds"

For info contact via email

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