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Mitchell collection bike 6

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Make and Model: BSA B40 GB 

Year of manufacture: 1970

Military Reg no: 45 FH 37

Dispatch date: MOD Ashchurch 12/01/70

Military History: 
This late MK1 is one of the 165 machines supplied under contract WV/8649 

05/05/70 - ORD Depot Antwerp BAOR
30/05/85 - S/O M/Gladbach

This machine was sold off on the 31/07/85 at the last military auction to sell off the last of the Army's stock of WD B40's at Monchengladbach. This machine was lot 52 at this auction

Civilian History: 
 I acquired it on the 28/12/15 from Germany, with the engine requiring some work And replacing some parts which had been robbed off it
The engine has been through Rupert Ratio's hands (2016) and is now fitted - registration in progress.
Bike is up and running but requires some fettling which is to be expected


BSA WD b40

Rupert Ratio with WD B40 Engine

BSA WD B40 engine

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